If you have read our previous pages on what IT solutions we provide for our clients then you might already have a firm understanding of what ZCom can do for you but if your looking for the impact we can make on procurement alone then let me explain.

We all know that before the procurement of goods and services is finalised there is a great deal of information about different vendors and what it is they have to offer and what value they can provide. This process can be done automatically by a automated data capture system saving you bought time and money and this is not all.

Administrative benefit: Using an ECM system in your procurement department means that every version and detail of a procurement document can be stored in one location only to be accessed by authorised users.

Workflow improvement: due to files being automatically sorted into appropriate folders and the notification sent to authorised staff when a document is in need of attention

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Team projects: With an enterprise content management system in place a procurement related document or file can be viewed and edited simultaneously by any all that have been authorised to do so.

Streamline accounts payable: by leveraging discounts and workflows for exception handling, and IT technology to reduce invoice payment timelines.


We don’t just do software, we are your full end to end Solutions provider

      • Business Process Redesign
      • Project Management
      • Change Management
      • Implementation Services
      • Premium Support IT Services
      • Automated Business Process Outsourcing
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