Forms processing

E-Forms are fully customizable HTML-based forms that can eliminate the labor and cost associated with processing, importing, and indexing forms in any business process. E-Forms can also drive business processes in Workflow, improving the visibility of enterprise information and shortening cycle times. Increased speed and accuracy of data capture—along with greater control—increases the value of data across the enterprise.


Save time and shorten process cycles by capturing data electronically and routing it automatically.

Improve accuracy with data validation at the point of entry.

Protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Reduce costs associated with the printing and distribution of paper forms.

Eliminate the delay required to reproduce and distribute paper forms.

Automatically provide a record of access/modification history and current status.

OnBase by Hyland Forms processing

E-Forms are available for OnBase Users and external (non-OnBase) users to complete and submit. External users can securely submit forms via the internet using the OnBase Web Server.  OnBase Users can submit forms internally from all OnBase Clients or by using many compatible modules, including Workflow, Work View, Integration for Microsoft Outlook and Application Enabler.

OnBase by Hyland Forms processing

Key Features

Index forms automatically by mapping form fields on the E-Form to OnBase Keywords.

Auto-populate form fields using AutoFill Keyword Sets, Auto-Incrementing Keywords and Document Properties.

Cross-reference related documents and perform Custom Queries right from the E-Form, saving employees time and effort.

Design advanced HTML-based forms that are fully customizable and support advanced programming.

Fill out and view OnBase E-Forms without the use of expensive proprietary software.

Unlimited flexibility in form features and appearance are possible by using standard html to create the form.


  • Applications: Prospective students, employees, or customers can submit an E-Form application directly from an organization’s Web site.  By capturing data electronically, organizations can avoid the time and costs required to manually interpret poor handwriting and confirm unclear or incomplete information. After submission, information can be routed to its proper destination immediately.


  • Requests Management: Processing requests can be a drain on resources for almost any department—from finance to human resources to facilities management. OnBase E-forms can eliminate many of the tasks that add time and cost to processes like maintenance or purchasing requests. With E-Forms, organizations can provide customers or employees with self-service forms that collect the data electronically and automatically route the information through Workflow. Removing time delays that result from staffing or business hour constraints shortens business process cycles so that requests can be processed faster, and employees can be more efficient, improving both service and revenue cycles.

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