Data Capture

Advanced Capture brings automatic data extraction to OnBase capture solutions. Predefined forms and rules, combined with a powerful processing engine, make it possible to quickly classify and index more scanned documents with fewer employees. Automating document indexing eliminates the bottleneck associated with manually indexing high volumes of structured business documents.

Advanced Capture processing can be more accurate and much faster than manual data entry. Employees spend their time more effectively, validating or correcting questionable values only when needed, while letting the Advanced Capture processor perform the mundane task of document indexing.


Our business process automation systems are designed to ensure you reap all of the benefits of a technological advancement in operations. Such as

Reduces overall resource requirements needed for document indexing and classification.

Improves document indexing accuracy and allows users to focus on exception processing and more valuable tasks.

Enables faster document indexing reducing the traditional bottleneck caused by manual document indexing.

Expedites entry of critical documents and data into your business transaction process.

Eliminates the burden of additional applications, databases, and duplicate configuration, to perform data extraction.


OnBase Advanced Capture utilizes the OmniPage OCR engine SDK to automate document indexing. OCR forms are configured with image regions specific to document classification and keyword value assignment. Supports machine printed text (OCR), optical mark recognition (OMR), logo or image matching, and signature detection.  Support for hand print (ICR) and bar code recognition is also available.

OnBase by Hyland Data Capture


Data Capture from Printed Forms – Index data can easily be lifted from structured documents like printed forms and applications that are filled out, printed and mailed to an organization. Since these documents have a predefined and static format, Advanced Capture can be used to completely automate the indexing process. Employees normally responsible for performing manual data entry to index the documents, simply review and correct values returned as suspect. They can also validate that other non-machine printed values such as signatures are complete on the documents.

BOL Data Capture – Bills of Lading are scanned as they are received back from the shipping department. These BOLs have structured heading information on them, which is OCRed and automatically used to classify and index each document. If any value or character is determined to be questionable, it is queued for review where the operator can view the OCRed value alongside the area of the page where the value was found. Documents can automatically move to a Workflow queue where they can be matched with their related Purchase Orders and Invoices for completion of the transaction.

Key Features

Simple drag and drop configuration with real time zone testing available within the OnBase Client.

Process an unlimited number of documents with no page-based processing limits.

Assign many forms to a single document type to accommodate forms from all business partners or vendors.

Supports line item and table type data capture with placement into Multi-Instance Keyword Groups.

Supports expanding and storing AutoFill Keyword Sets.

Configurable character based confidence thresholds allow the processor to provide more scrutiny when required.

Validation interface provides value to zone comparison, automatically zooming to configured zones on the page.

Interactive Data Capture, included, assists verifiers and manual indexers with value completion and click to index features.

Create XML document renditions for integration or export with other business systems.

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