6 Reasons to consider automating your AP processes.

6 Reasons to consider automating your AP processes.

This month we spent some time with our CEO DeAnn Zufall and COO Lynne Drea to find out more about the companies that ZCom have worked with and the challenges they faced before they made the decision to automate their AP either through investing in new ERP (Oracle NetSuite) or investigating in digitization through ECM (OnBase by Hyland). Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider making the same change.



  1.What challenges have clients faced with manual accounts payable (AP) processes

There can be an overwhelming amount of paper forms and documents taking up peoples space which can be easily changed through digitization. Having such quantities of physical paper documentation usually leads to a lack of organisation and the inability to find Accounts Payable (AP) history in adequate time upon vendors request. With such high volumes of documentation keeping things organised becomes more and more of task which in turn took up far too much of our clients valuable time, holding them back from achieving their full potential and achieving their goals.

The old methods are great and as someone who comes from a financial background I know there is an appreciation for the old ways of the industry but by not letting them go and seeing what technology has done to the industry it is without question that more challenges will arise as others in the industry take to the future and automate their accounts payable processes.


  2. Is it accessible and easy to use with any accounting solutions?

Yes, our solutions are intended to be user friendly and offer automation, visibility, and accountability where required. They offer control and security ensuring that transactions are tracked and transferred with velocity and accuracy.


  3. Is there full end to end automation?

The software we provide to our clients provides full end to end automation, however it also allows them to implement this at a pace they are comfortable with.

Some of our clients start small and automate the most painful parts of the process first. Others are looking for Big Bang and Full automation from day 1.  in order to ensure segregation of duties and control of transactions we work closely with our customers to ensure that the right people have access to approve transactions throughout the workflow.  It is imperative that automation does not reduce the levels of control where financial transactions are concerned and therefore our deployments are designed to increase efficiency while maintaining high levels of business security.

  4. We make it easy!

Our implementation uses our internally designed project methodology, OD3/OC3 which endeavours to ensure that collaboration is constant between our team and the client throughout the process. It is designed to ensure that the delivery of the solution meets the business requirements of our customers and aims to assist with the change management during the project.  We deem ourselves to be ‘Partners beyond the project’ and therefore our support goes long after implementation.  Many of our customers have been with us for a decade and we are proud that many of our past customers often return to us for more assistance and support.

  5. How do we do it better than the rest?

Our solutions OnBase by Hyland and Oracle NetSuite are both viewed as leaders in their industry in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. For many years Microsoft and other industry leaders monopolized this space.  However, our solutions are now leading the way and offer affordable, customizable, and easy to deliver solutions that can make an impact to your business immediately.

At ZCom solutions we support your growth by transforming how you operate. By taking the time to understand your challenges we ensure our world-class software solutions give you the return on investment you need. The software solution Is only the first part of your journey, we know choosing the right implementation partner is the difference between failure and success we are that partner, your challenges become our challenges, we pride ourselves on your success.

  6. How automation will save you money?

-Transaction processing costs will be reduced (Regardless of business process)

-Savings on headcount by investing those individuals in higher value tasks

-The ability to analyse data and make faster decisions saving valuable management time.

-Lowers operational costs


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