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The modern-day HR department is still a very paper-based environment – from CVs, employment contracts, to employee medical records. And more so than ever, there are 5 very real risks that every HR department is facing.

  • Compromised data security – When your employment records are paper based and stored in cabinets you do not know who has accessed the documents – 36% of data breaches come from “misplaced” documents
  • No visible audit trail – data available within a HR environment is sensitive data, when it is paper based as well as not knowing who has accessed a document, you do not know what they did with it or when they accessed it.
  • Employee Privacy Violations – Maintaining confidentiality is critical when it comes to employee data which can include anything from salary information, medical records to social security numbers.
  • Lost or Incomplete information – As well as the risk of where the data could turn up, lost or incomplete data can have a huge impact on your internal processes and costs. The estimated cost to find a misplaced document can run from $120, and the cost to replace a document can cost anything from $220
  • No Disaster recovery – what happens in the event of catastrophic loss, if you are reliant on paper what happens if that paper is no longer available or accessible. Could your business recover?

Content Services Platform

The OnBase platform can manage all of your employee related content – Resumes, tax forms, employment contracts, offer letters etc.
You can also automate processes such as employee onboarding and offboarding, file retention and record management.

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Benefits of HR Automation:

  • Paper - Moving from paper to a digitize process – Staff can view all documents as and when they need to, as well as being able to identify missing documents.
  • Security - only users with the correct rights and privileges have access to the documents they should see. You have a complete audit trail for every document, you can see who touched the document, what they did with it, and the date and time they accessed it.
  • Compliance - When a document enters the system, it will automatically identify and assign a record type, apply the appropriate retention policies, and purge the documents when required.
  • Audits – They do not need to be painful; you can expedite and automate your audit process. With OnBase you can grant an auditor access to certain documents/files by setting limited, secure, time-based access. You can reduce the administrative burden and save time on prep work.
  • Integration – You don’t need to replace everything! OnBase acts as the glue that means you can keep the other systems in place. OnBase will seamlessly manage the transfer of information between systems so HR professionals do not need to.


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